I'm now a client of Jennie Goloboy and Red Sofa Literary.

I'm extremely pleased to report that I've accepted representation with Jennie Goloboy and Red Sofa Literary (http://redsofaliterary.com).

The search for a literary agent is, frankly, a pretty miserable and demoralizing process, requiring research, effort, patience, and a very, very thick skin.  Even the best-written book in the world needs to somehow grab an agent's attention in a few paragraphs of a query letter, out of the dozens or hundreds of queries they've received that week.  If one is asked for subsequent chapters and/or the full manuscript, the book still needs to show quality and marketability, not to mention the author himself showing that he has, or can build, a viable platform of potential readers.  This is a process that takes many months or years for most writers, largely spent waiting on replies and then checking off rejections before starting again. I feel very fortunate that, in the grand scheme of things, my own search didn't take all that long, because I hated every minute of it. 

More importantly, though, I've connected with an agent that seems like a very good fit, with a history background and an interest in the types of books I like to write.  Jennie spent a good deal of time and effort going through drafts of my manuscript with a critical eye to help turn what was a reasonably good novel into a much better finished product and was also extremely patient with my new-to-the-publishing-world foibles, which I presume involved a fair amount of eye-rolling on her part.

So good times.  I'm looking forward to getting this book to the next level and hopefully seeing it in print one day.